Arrugas en DUBAI en un centro educativo

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Buenas tardes,

Soy Americo, amigo de Alicia que me pidió que  mandara algunas fotos de la muestra de Arrugas en Dubai donde fuimos con algunos de los alumnos interesados del año 13.
Paso también el link de la organización que lo organizó gratuitamente. 
Las únicas fotos que tengo son de un alumno con nosotros porque su abuela en África sufre de Alzheimer.

A Memorable Evening
20 March 2013: "A Memorable Evening" - A film screening and community lecture series on Alzheimer's disease finally concluded.
The program started with an introductory note from Mike Young (The National) followed by a welcome speech from Desiree Vlekken, Founder and CEO of  A 15-minute informative lecture on Alzheimer's disease was delivered by Dr. Raymond Hamden - President, HRI & Clinics.
A mixed audience gathered together to share a Memorable Evening.  The exhibition table attracted also inquiries on the special  books and novelty items on Alzheimer's which will be available online by April 2013.
After the film screening of "Wrinkles," there was a sentimental reaction from the attendees, praised  the film and clamored for more discussions on Alzheimer's.
This non-profit initiative was Co-sponsored by Human Relations Institute & Clinics and Beaufort Medical.  And supported by CoTopia Social Responsibility Dialogue, Community Cinema, Spanish Business Council The Dubai Mall and Hersheys Chocolate World The Dubai Mall.