Arrugas llega en un ZIP SLIDE

Ya ha llegado el correo de Julia Preston :-)
Dear All
The Zip Slide finally took place yesterday! It has been postponed 3 times due to high winds and bad weather. 

What a laugh! Would I do it! I don't think so! The day had been sunny right up to the point when I did my zip - at which point, the heavens opened and at 140 feet up, I got drenched! The cloud burst lasted for the duration of my time up in the crane and on the way down - at which point it stopped! What did I do to deserve that? *:-/ confused

I thought you might like to see the proof! Here is the photo the professional photographer took. I think that by the time I collect in the cash donations, the sum raised will be about £750 - £800 including Gift Aid.

It is amazing how much support I have received from family, friends and colleagues. The project 'Arrugas', initiated by by dearest eTwinning colleague Alicia Diez Ruiz, was inspired by the Spanish comic "Arrugas" (Wrinkles), which later became a prize-winning film directed by Ignacio Ferreras. This event for Alzheimer Scotland has for me been 'icing on the cake'. Many many thanks to those of you who have donated to this worthy cause. Our project has won a Quality Label from British Council/eTwinning for the 4 schools involved in the project: Capital City Academy London, Niccolo Machiavelli Rome, IES Juanot Martorell, Spain and ourselves at Loudoun Academy here in Scotland. Since the beginning of the project, all schools have been involved in tasks which highlight the problems of dimentia and Alzheimers. Our pupils have communicated in the Spanish language during the whole event, enabling them not only to learn how to use modern technology, but to understand the importance of communicating with our older generation.

It has been a wonderful project and one, which I am sure, we shall remember with fondness and pride.  

¡Muchas gracias a tod@s! Any further updates I shall post on the page.