Arrugas corriendo por Escocia

Ha llegado el díua y Julia, dentro del proyecto e twinnig no cuenta que ...
14:45h - Glasgow Zip Slide....HOY!
-Para todos que sufren
-Para Alzheimer Scotland
-Para Arrugas!!!!!

Voy a grabar un clip y sacar unos fotos.  Gracias por su apoyo...un beso enorme!
Y así nos lo presentó.
Alzheimer Scotland work towards helping people with dimentia and Alzheimers. Take a look at the official website.
Profe Julia!

Zip-Slide Across the Clyde: Up in a crane 140 feet and slide 700 feet across the river!  I hate heights and don't swim well.....!!!!
I have put myself forward to do a charity event for the debilitating condition - Alzheimer (Scotland). It is part of a school and international project with Italy, Spain, and the UK (a school in London and us at Loudoun Academy).  All this came about by an eTwinning project, based on the film "Arrugas" (Wrinkles), which serves to highlight the problems we face as we get older - either directly or indirectly - to the younger generation. This is an international, inter-generational project which is very exciting for our pupils.

Julia Preston (Profe de Escocia)