To pay a tribute to grandparents :-)

You are invited to take part in this activity to pay a tribute to grandparents

This is a wall that joins cinema, family and education

The pins are used to build a wall of various memories, experiences and personal remembrances as well as to value wrinkles

On the wall, please add your pin with a picture and your tributegrandparents and their wrinkles deserve it!

Click on the button above and start pinning!

A tribute to grandparents

Have a look at the picture above and comment on what it suggests to you, what memories, if any, come to your mind when you see the three characters in it.

Next, read the article entitled Friendship in old age.

Surprised at what you have just read? Do you think the film will have an important message to send? If so, which one?

Next, watch the trailer below and learn more about it all following the link to the film website.

What do you think the film is about?

Now listen to Peter Bradshaw, a British writer and film critic. He has already enjoyed the film and is telling us what it is about. 

Were you right?

Get some more glimpses of Wrinkles and think of your grandparents, your memories of them, an outstanding episode in your lives, what the value of their wrinkles is, what they have taught you, what you have learnt from them, and any other detail that pays a tribute to grandparents.

And finally, the warmest task, which consists of pinning about your grandparents onto our Pinterest Wall: The Value of Wrinkles

Add your pin with a picture and your tribute; grandparents and their wrinkles deserve it!